A temporary parklet

Go Human

Temporary roundabout

Temporary bike lane and wayfinding

The demonstration events included unusual wayfinding

Enjoying new opportunities for active transportation

A temporary parklet

Go Human

go human

As part of the 2015 Go Human Campaign to promote safe, active transportation, KDI worked with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to design and implement a series of pop-up events in six cities. The pop-ups demonstrated imaginative temporary complete street improvements, garnering community input and support for permanent initiatives.


A typical street in Southern California is not friendly or safe for pedestrians and cyclists

In 2015, SCAG began the “Go Human” campaign to promote safe walking and bicycling and encourage drivers to pay attention to pedestrians and bicyclists.

As part of the campaign, SCAG commissioned a series of events to demonstrate street improvements in each of the region’s six counties.


Stakeholder meeting to plan a Go Human event

As part of the consultant team, KDI worked with cities to design and implement open street gatherings and "pop-ups."

Our primary role was to help each city creatively imagine interventions that would allow residents to experience roadways designed for people and not just cars. We also worked with Matt Gagnon Studio to design unconventional street furnishings.


"Streets bring people together"

The events featured cycle tracks, bike lanes, pedestrian crosswalks and bulbouts, parklets, and mini-plazas, enabling community members to reimagine their streets and provide input on proposed interventions.

In addition to helping cities and communities test and experience complete streets concepts, the events raised awareness around active transportation and safety issues.


A temporarily activated street

The events encouraged thousands of Southern Californians to reimagine their neighborhoods for cycling and walking.

Although temporary, they supported permanent change: helping fast-track Palm Desert’s complete streets plan; showing public support for planned street improvements in El Centro, Los Angeles, and Westminster; and providing community input on Metro’s first/last mile planning efforts.