KPSP02 sanitation block

Kibera Public Space Project 02

KPSP02 in context

Brickmaking to build KPSP02

Kiosks at completed site

KPSP02 sanitation block

Kibera Public Space Project 02

kibera public space project 02

The second site in the KPSP network focused on income-generation to take advantage of the busy route where it is located. Through designing, building and managing the site’s sanitation center, kiosks and playground, local community members have steadily grown their skills and economic capacity, while flood risk has significantly decreased.


Original conditions at the site

KPSP02 is a 15-minute walk upstream from KPSP01, situated along a major circulation route.

The land was previously considered unbuildable due to severe flooding and erosion from the river. Like KPSP01, it was used for waste disposal and had four makeshift toilets that drained directly into the river.


Construction of gabions to stabilize the riverbank

KDI helped local residents establish a new community organisation, the River Ufasi Group (RUG).

We then worked together to design a PPS that would house financially self-sufficient amenities. Gabions were installed to control flooding, and the sanitation center was constructed from soil-stabilized bricks, which local residents were trained to manufacture.


Completed sanitation block

KPSP02 incorporates an income-generating public sanitation center complete with showers, toilets and water tap, and a set of kiosks for small businesses.

These amenities, along with programs such as a women’s baking cooperative, provide revenue for ongoing site maintenance. The site also includes a playground for local children.


Beadwork created by the KPSP02 craft collective

The focus on self-sufficiency paid off, with RUG saving enough money through their programs, amenities, and savings and loans group to invest in an additional water storage tank in 2013.

This has further grown their water sales revenue and ensured that the project and surrounding community continue to thrive.