Completed bridge at KPSP07

Bridges over the Ngong River

Bridge at KPSP07 in construction

Community workshop to design KPSP05 bridge

Construction of new bridge at KPSP05

Completed bridge at KPSP07

Bridges over the Ngong River

bridges over the ngong river

KDI partnered with community members and partners to construct two new pedestrian bridges over the Ngong River, one of the watercourses that run through Kibera. The project showcases sustainable and replicable design strategies while improving access to the KPSP sites and between Kibera and the wider city.


Flooding at the old KPSP05 bridge

Many thousands of people cross the polluted Ngong River every day to get to their jobs outside of Kibera.

The numerous bridges over the river are in various states of disrepair. In the worst cases, and especially during rainy seasons, bridges are dangerous and represent a significant health risk.


Community workshop to design KPSP05 bridge

KDI worked with local residents to design and install safe bridges across the river at two existing KPSP sites, which are strategic access points within the settlement.

The process to design, construct and maintain the bridges was a collaborative effort between community members, local contractors and project partners as well as Nairobi City stakeholders.


The bridge at KPSP05 features artwork celebrating the local community

A bridge at KPSP07 was constructed by local contractors and approved by the Nairobi City County Department of Public Works, which agreed to maintain it.

A second bridge at KPSP05 creates a prominent entryway to the settlement that integrates accessible design with art and storytelling.


Celebrating the completed bridge at KPSP05

The bridges at KPSP05 and KPSP07 provide safe access routes at key points between Kibera and the wider city.

The City’s involvement in the process and formal adoption of the bridges represents a huge step forward in closing the gap between formal and informal city.