Kibera Public Space Project 07

KPSP07 in context

KPSP07 laundry pad

Amenities selected by residents

Kibera Public Space Project 07

Kibera Public Space Project 07

KPSP07 is our largest-scale Productive Public Space project in Kibera, also located next to the flood-prone Ngong River. Combining sanitation and laundry facilities with flood protections and income generating initiatives, it has helped catalyze a closer, more formalized relationship between Kibera and Nairobi City agencies.


Original conditions at the site

The KPSP07 site is located in Lindi Village, just downstream of KPSP05 on the Ngong River.

Again situated at a busy river crossing, the site had potential for activation but was subject to dangerous flooding. The area was also lacking in sanitation facilities and opportunities for youth.


Community design workshop

KUFON responded to our RFP with a proposal for flood mitigation, income-generating ventures, sanitation services, and training programs for youth.

As part of the participatory design process and with input from previous KPSP partners, we set up management structures and financial systems to enable KUFON to operate the planned facilities.


KPSP07 Site Plan

The finished site includes a play area for children, a pavilion for public performances, a sanitation block, and a public laundry facility.

A small business kiosk generates income alongside a savings and loans program, while a stone-filled gabion wall and planted retaining wall protect the site from seasonal flooding.


The completed KPSP07 site with the bridge in construction

KPSP07 is a large-scale site serving hundreds of residents a week.

The success of the operation has attracted the formal approval of Nairobi City, which adopted the pedestrian bridge added in 2015 and also installed a public lighting system to make the site even safer and more accessible.